Sept 2022 open thread: not being (or being) a parent, openness, masculinity—

Hello everybody! I’m back in Sausalito and the beautiful fall weather has arrived. Please join me here for an open conversation—what are you learning, what books or films have you read or watched, where have you been lately?

I’m in the middle of editing three podcast episodes—which is sort of like being deep in this crack in the earth. I’ll be publishing those over the next few weeks. Audio editing takes a ton of time, but do I love doing interviews as another way of working with my material. Is there anyone that you think would make for a great guest for the Decide Nothing podcast?

I launched this Substack just a couple of months ago, and we already have more than two hundred subscribers! Thank you all for being here and for supporting my work.

A few questions that I’d love to hear your take on:

What was your own journey to parenthood—or not being a parent—like? What’s your view of the other side? (I wrote about this in The Man Pays)

What does 'openness’ mean to you in relationship? (I wrote about this in Sex at Dawn, Live at Budokon)

What does masculinity, or femininity, or some other gender expression mean to you, and what part of you would you assign to gender, as opposed to your own individuality and personality?

Or—anything else that’s come up for you in reading or thinking about what I’ve published…

Welcome again, and please join the conversation!

— Bowen