A guided meditation based on rivers—in the world, and in ourselves.
A vignette of early life in Maine
John Wineland, Raymond Chandler, Lauren Hough, Rob Halford, Traver Boehm, Melissa Febos, Tabitha Lasley, Dorothy Carrington
On not being a father, and missing the boy who never was.
From Calenzana to Ortu di Piobbu, May 24 2022
A few months ago I was in the water out beyond the Golden Gate bridge, as I have been at least several hundred times. I often call it “sailing” for…
The Blessing of Acceptance and Belonging, with Lucas Krump of EVRYMANListen now (49 min) | Conversations about men, identity, love, becoming ourselves—and becoming more human // Episode 03
Don't leap—practice at the edges
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Decide Nothing, with Bowen Dwelle